Sell to Us!

[Daisy] Exchange Your Clothes For Cash!


Bring in your mall store brand name clothing and accessories.  No appointment is needed. We buy 7 days a week until 30 min. before we close.


We will create an offer based upon brand, style, condition and current trends.


We pay cash on the spot – 30-35% cash or 40% store credit of what we price your items to sell for in store.


What Else You Should Know

  • Bring your clothes in a bag, basket, or box – not on hangers. Make sure to bring your driver’s license or state ID.
  • We buy all seasons all the time.
  • We also buy purses, shoes and scarves.
  • Feel free to call us, but please know that we can not give you a price quote on the phone.
  • Please make sure not to leave clothing in our stores after closing. Clothing left in the store after hours will be donated.